COMPUTER REPAIRS - worn out or damaged DVD burners, hard drives, sound cards... I can troubleshoot all hardware problems and repair or replace them.

SOFTWARE PROBLEMS - Email difficulties, new Email setups, Acrobat files, updates, Microsoft Office, Rosetta Stone, SKYPE... all these and more. Troubleshoot and get 'em working for you.

INTERNET - I can set up any of the Internet services available Lakeside, and any type of wireless PC, laptop, Kindle, or what have you. I know how to clean up clogged and slow Internet and wireless, too.

PRINTERS - Troubleshooting printers is a big part of my job; if the problem turns out to be hardware, and un-repairable, I can help you with that, too.
Can I help you?
In-home lessons: I can teach you more in an hour than you'd expect. I've got a particularly good track record with retirees. "I'll never learn that," they say... and then are pretty happy when they DO.
For your HOUR OF LEARNING, you can ask all the questions you want. Or, I can teach you basic moves. Or, I can set up a whole new method of getting your digital photographs onto your PC, and show you how to email them to your kids or friends with three clicks.
Confused? Downright annoyed? I can help.
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Rebuilding old computers: Save money.

If your PC is using Windows XP right now, I can rebuild it from the inside out and get you into the latest, most stable operating system: Windows 7. I replace your motherboard, CPU, and RAM, and deliver a truly fast system that is up-to-date and will last for many more years. You keep your hard drive, case, and DVD burner, to save money.

Building brand new computers: Save money

If you're fed up with your old computer, or your hard drive or case simply won't allow for a rebuild/upgrade, in a couple of days I can build you a new, superfast computer that will again last for many years.

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