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When I arrived permanently in Ajijic, all my Mom's friends asked me to help them with their computers. I was a big hit at parties. Eventually, though, I needed a way to make a living here, because I'm definitely not a retiree. So, I started an in-home, house-calls only, computer service.

I went door to door, handing out fliers. But I didn't just put them in the mailbox: I rang the bell and talked to anyone who was at home. That really worked: the personal aspect.

Today, I easily see 1,500 clients or more every year. At least half of my business is call-backs; probably another 25% is from referrals; and the remainder are new clients. You can ask for references anytime, and my only problem will be how long the list you want.
Something I do in my spare time: I can take your document and help you self-publish. I set up the page layout, design the cover, and get it printed.
I've designed and printed books for the late, great Jim Collums; noted local author Lilian Levy; former Ajijic resident Tom Ramsey; musical maestra Audrey Hoffnung, fantastic sax player Sheldon James, and a few others. (In my former life I was a designer and publisher for all kinds of businesses.) I have a great printing contact who keeps his prices LOW, and the finished product has a full-colour cover... and even hard-covers for an extra buck per copy.
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